Cserneczky, Peter

saddler, the owner of Cserneczky Harness

Cserneczky Péter with Lázár Zoltán


Profession: saddler who designs, develops and make horse accessories harnesses
Address: Hungary, H-7900 Szigetvár, Tüskevár u. 15.
e-mail: /
Phone: +36 (30) 236-7460 or +36 (73) 413-147
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As you can feel from my profession's description, I don't feel myself a saddler from "average". From the beginning of 2000 I continue the beautiful ancient tradition of my family.

In the first few years in my career several famous hungarian master helped me with consulting, determine my professional way, but from all I thanks extremely much to Rittmann, Jozsef. The way they have designated I am open to extend my view with some other developments of harnesses above the traditional items.

I make carriage driving harnesses, riding saddles, unique bits and other horse equipments, extensions, however I sold well-known premium and economic brands of horse sports equipments.

My goal is to fulfil all of the requirements of my customers at highest level and I also looking for new, challengeing works. I feel myself the very best if I can work with my clients as partners to reach the best results. Naturally I am open to answer all the questions come up by a newcomer horseman or horsewomen. My products' quality thanks to the regardful material selection and hand-made manufacturing type extensively helped by my self-developed or self-upgraded tools.

In 2002 my business have broadened and is continuously extending from this time. Next to my workshop I've opened a shop and showroom to extend my presence from horse-related events to the normal weekdays

I hope that you will be a returning customer and if you are able to I can say hello personally. Let me invite you for a coffee and meet!

Best Regards,
Cserneczky, Peter


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A page about Cserneczky Péter's carriage driving harnesses, riding saddles, unique bits and other horse equipments, extensions. Here you can also find well-known premium and economic brands of horse sports equipments.

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I spend a lot of time in my workshop. Because of this it is really important for me to use the relevant tools in the appropriate environment.

In competition

I usually attend on all international horse driving competition in Hungary. It creates opportunity for personal consultation and shipping of the ordered products.

Product photos

In the middle of manufacturing process of unique products there is an opportunity for real-time consultancy using phone, email or facebook.

Carriage driving references

My former works reached the highest level of drivers including world championship gold medalists. I'm proudly thinks that I can help the very bests with my work and attitude.

Horse-riding references

I would like to extend my success I've reached in driving sport for the other popular horse sports. I've sold saddles, halters and other horse equipments for ages.

Other pictures

Any other things that cannot match with the above cathegories goes here.